Here you can find my up to date works...

Retrofresh EP (Artwork by Danny Vain) - Mootzart

Retrofresh - free ep (Buy Here)


Here is the first snippet of my new works. I have recently been obsessive with listening to 70's - 90's music. Specifically the Funk genre. I remember the days of listening to Fever 105 on Vice Cities radio station... which gave me the drive to carry on. I remember the good vibes seeping out of the electronic music in the 90's... and I remember feeling none of this recently... so I have had a go at taking the inspiration of these feel good genres and putting into a retro yet fresh extended play for you all to hear. If you wish to support me please click here to purchase the high resolution audio.


Artwork by Danny Vain 



Cinematic Series Using Native Instruments


This is an attempt to put myself under extra pressure to adapt my composition abilities. Here is a a continuous series that i will be adding to over time. The main focus is on cinematic soundtrakcs of varying style that target different situations that can be seen on media platforms. 


This is also taking shape in the blog section. For more detail on the thought process go and check it out. 

Phase: One - Cyberpunk Themed EP 


This is a upcoming Cyberpunk themed EP targeted towards video game music styles. This is a current trend, and its extremely fun to make! 

If you would like me to compose music for your video game then please contact me for a discussion about it and we can work to your budget. 


Artwork by Danny Vain.



Audio To Video Series


This is another series of compositions that will be continuously added to over time. 


I aim to pick a range of videos that I will compose to based upon the visuals and the ideas that come to mind. I aim to have a wide range of video styles. Ranging from adverts, game trailers, short films and more... if they do not mind me doing it of course. 


If you have a video clip that you wish me to compose to or a trailer you need to come to life then remember to contact me

Phase: One (Artwork by Danny Vain) - Mootzart
Mootzart Audio Player
  • Metal Flash
  • Zartcade
  • Taped Down
  • Cyberian Night
  • Save Me Room
  • Why Don't You Dance


by Mootzart


mellow - D : Single (Purchase here or play on spotify)


Here is a showing of my first single from the album 'Poor Man Zart' (coming soon). 

The album features destructive, retro production styles blended with modern ITB digital methods. I aim for it to be multi genre and will feature styles of Prog, Funk, Rock, Electronic, Blues and more. Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Artwork drawn by Kelly G and edited by Mootzart.  

poor man zart - album (Buy Here)


Here is my last release. This retro funk inspired album was made in my bedroom with a single mic, instruments and some software.  Please let me know what you think via email or on any of my social media accounts. I appreciate the feedback. 


If you wish to support me please purchase the high resolution audio via Bandcamp (link above) or search for Mootzart on any major streaming platform such as Spotify, Apple Music , Deezer, iTunes and many more!


Artwork by Kelly G 



Retrofresh EP (Artwork by Danny Vain) - Mootzart